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Tuesday 13th May 2014

Secretaries strike it lucky!
The cricket club's secretary, fixtures secretary & 100 Club administrator were the April prize winners.
Prospective members can join at any time; although by June 15th to be eligible for ths year's annual draw, in December.
You can join by clicking the hyperlink at the bottom of this item or emailing the administrator for a standing order form and your own copy of the rules at: wrb99@btopenworld.com.

Rules of the Meopham Cricket Club, “100 Club”.

  1. The aim of the “100 Club” is to raise a regular income for Meopham Cricket Club use.
  2. The target of ~ 50% of income will be distributed in the form of prizes.
  3. Members will contribute £5 per month to the “100 Club” using a standing order. Members of the “100 Club” must be aged 18, or over. A parent may join on behalf of a younger, playing member. Non cricket club members may join the “100 Club”.
  4. Members’ contributions will be monitored between the 15th & 20th of each month; to ensure that fully paid up members are “in the hat” for that monthly draw.
  5. Membership numbers will be allocated by the 100 Club administrator and communicated to members by email, or in writing.

During the close season months, the draw will take place on the last Friday of each month, at the Club.

During the season, the draw will take place on the last Wednesday of each month, at the Club.

The draw will be supervised each month by the administrator, or their nominee.

If circumstances prevent the draw being made, at the scheduled time and place, the administrator shall authorize the draw to be made in the presence of their nominee and at least 2 other committee members.

    6.    In any given month, a winning number will not be returned to the draw for the subsequent prizes; so that, each month, 3 separate prize winners will benefit.

In the case of the annual prize (in December) all numbers will go back “into the hat”, following the normal monthly draw; so that in December it would be possible to win the annual prize and one of the monthly prizes.

Members must join by June 15th, in the year that they first become 100 Club members, to be eligible for inclusion in respect of the (£250), annual prize, in the subsequent December.

    7.    Once the target membership of 40 is reached, the three prizes drawn each month will be one of £50, one of £20 & one of £10; with the additional, annual, prize of £250; the first of which will be drawn in December 2014.

Prior to achieving a membership of 40, the 3 monthly prizes will be one of 25% of monthly income, one of 10% of monthly income and 1 of 5% of monthly income with 10% of monthly income to go into “the pot” for the annual prize to be drawn in December.

Once membership reaches 50, 60, 70 etc., additional monthly prizes will be added; so as to maintain the ~ 50% target for prize money and the statistical chance of each member winning a prize.

 (During the first year of operation, until 1st December 2014, new members may join the 100 Club on the evening of the monthly draw; provided they pay that month’s contribution, of £5, in cash and also, on that evening, complete a standing order form to continue membership for subsequent months, which is given to a committee member, prior to the draw being made. Eligibility for the annual draw will remain as stated in paragraph(s) 6).

We intend to list prize winners, each month, on the Cricket Club’s website




Bill Burton – 100 Club Administrator                                  130514


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